Baby succulents doing well

My baby succulents after a few months. Finished potting them on today with a higher soil to perlite ratio (3:1) and a scattering of horticultural grit. I should only need to water a little once a week now.

I’ve done 6 pots with 7 plus plants in each.



Planted my succulents

Today was planting day for my succulents.

Firstly I washed the roots (well moistened up the soil) to get some of the compost out. Some of them were in heavy composted soil with nothing to let air in which I read is bad for them. I dried them out in the sun to avoid root rot setting in. I’ve put them in a mix of 2 parts peat free compost, 2 parts perlite and 1 part fine light cat litter. Haven’t a clue if this mix will work for me as this a matter of heated debate amongst succulent enthusiasts.

I’ve also taken some cuttings. I’m drying out leaves that have come clean of the stem. Once the ends have sealed over I’ll rest them on my soil mix to see if they take.



Succulent gardening

This week I am designing a succulent mini garden in a planter. My starter plants are …


I’ve been googling soil mixes and this will be a bit experimental. The plants were only £3 each but the special soil mix will have cost about £20 and the planter set me back about £40. Ornaments will be about £15 so it’s quite expensive – but gardening tends to cost a fortune if you want nice stuff.