About topics

Welcome to my blog.

Please choose a topic of interest – I write about a variety of different things (see side column for more topics).


Disability perspectives, interdependence, social/health care and welfare.

The more academic side of my blog, looking at topical disability issues. Thought provoking, possibly controversial and sometimes very personal.


Shrimp keeping and aquascaping.

I keep colourful freshwater dwarf shrimp in a beautiful underwater world. Read about the ups and downs of a shrimp keeper and keeping a planted aquarium.

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Topics I write about include:

  • Wide range of articles
  • Resources
  • Creating  a tank
  • Choosing a substrate/soil
  • Cycling a shrimp tank
  • Shrimp medication
  • Aquascaping


I broadcast live on Periscope in gardens, museums, zoos, historical buildings and lots more.

View here on your computer or in the Periscope App.




Out and about on our travels.

I blog about days out and places we have visited in the UK. I usually try and include pointof interest to wheelchair users.


Board games

I love playing board games and write reviews on them from a disability perspective. These include table top and digital / mobile board games.

IMG_3177 Paper craft.

I make and sell cards and occasionally pop some pictures on my blog. You can see all my creations here on Pinterest.

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