Busy Birthday


Today was pretty busy – and also my birthday. First I got up with my potential new PA observing what happens (and see if its a job she wants to do for me on Fridays). So that was 11-12.30 ish.

I had also booked my yearly hoist inspection. To meet legal requirements, hoists have to be visually checked for safety every six months – and be weight tested each year. Since June I had been trying to get the company who installed it to come out. I gave up in the end as they denied putting it in! So I arranged for a local company to do it and was supposed to be an early afternoon visit after 1 person in the morning.

In the meantime, I baked a parsnip cake! It came out lovely – it had maple syrup, apples, pecans and orange juice amidst mixed spice. It was a bit like a carrot cake – very nice.

My PA was supposed to leave at 4 and it was now 3.15 and no sign of the hoist person. He came at 3.45 and luckily my PA made arrangements so she could stay. We soon found out why he was taking so long – talked the hind leg off of a donkey! Still he was jolly and he just finished a bit before 5. Glad that’s done for another year.

I can now safely eat more cake knowing my hoist is good for 3x my current weight.

Perhaps one of the strangest birthdays I’ve had.


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